Igala People and Culture

People and Culture

The indigenous Ìgàlá ethnic people is situated on a parcel of land that lies in the eastern part of the river Niger and Benue confluence, and also extending across the river Niger in Lokoja, Kogi state of Nigeria. The Ìgàlá people living north of the Igbo people founded the Igala Kingdom, (Ánę-Ìgàlá), also known as the Kingdom of Ídáh,...Read more

Igala Festivals

Igala Festivals

Igala festivals revolve round gods and goddesses of the rivers and other deities. However, modern festivals now...Read more

Igala Heritage

Igala Heritage

The Igala People have a very rich cultural heritage. Taboo is an aspect of this culture, despite the fact that westernization...Read more

Contemporary Igala Entertainment

The Contemporary

Contemporary Igala sons and daughters are very versatile and can be found in all facets of life such as entertainment...Read more

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The Igala are an ethnic group of Nigeria. Their homeland, the former Igala Kingdom, is an approximately triangular area of about 14,000 km2 in the angle formed by the Benue and Niger rivers. The area was formerly the Igala Division of Kabba province, and is now part of Kogi State. The capital is Idah