Baba Ojonugwa’s FITUMI F’OMABI is a danceable track inspired by Agi Mora, others

Baba Ojonugwa J.F.O is household name in the music industry and you cannot effectively talk about igala music without mentioning this legend.

Baba Ojonugwa loves the Igala people and the Igala people love him so much that anytime he releases a song in Igala, the overwhelming downloads and response he gets is second to none.

His song ”Odu Igala” in 2012 became the highest downloaded indigenous non Hausa song from northern Nigeria & got listed on the MTN & ZAIN charts for 2012- 2014.

It was officially premiered in the united states with support from IGALA USA community.

Though, he has not released another album since then, he has released many singles available for download online.

In a statement he made available to ICDA online, Baba Ojonugwa said that he shall be releasing another complete Igala album titled ” SOUNDS OF IGALACENTRISM” this year 2020; and one of the featuring tracks includes FITUMI F’OMABI, a very danceable track inspired by Agi Mora & many of his colleagues in the industry after the recent fatherhood controversy over a young girl’s (FITUMI) pregnancy.

Find links below to download his song.

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