ICDA Central Ex-chairman, Enejoh, Others Reiterates Commitment to New FCT ICDA

The ex-chairman, ICDA Central, Enejoh Attah and others has reiterate commitment to the unity and progress of the Igala people in the Federal Capital Territory and it’s environ.

They made these assurance during a stakeholder meeting convened by the North-central coordinator, Prince Musa Oruma in the FCT to fast-track the restructuring process of the FCT ICDA.

Enejoh said that, “I am very happy with what the North-central Coordinator, Prince Musa Oruma is doing. We want the Igala people in Abuja to be more progressive. We have prominent people in Abuja and if there is problem with the structure of ICDA, there is no way we can collectively tap from their influence.

“If ICDA in the FCT becomes formidable, even the national president would be happy with us. At the same time, I am very happy that we have all agreed to drop our differences to come together to shame the devil and progress forward.

“More progress would come to the Igala people, unity to the Igala people, there would be abundant wealth for the Igala people, and there would be abundant job opportunity also.

“So, my message to the Igala people is that we should be united, so that we can progress in all ramifications.” Enejoh said.

Chief of Kuje, HRH Alhaji Hassan Khalid said that, “Anywhere there is Igala event, you would find me. I am always hundred percent there.

“I am very happy with what is happening here today and I am happy to be here. Though I am not supposed to be here because this is ICDA meeting, this is not chiefs meeting, but it is because we want to make sure that we constitute a formidable ICDA in the FCT, that is why you see me here.

“Oruma, the North-central coordinator, when he called me, he knew that if I am here, I would make an elderly and profound positive contribution towards the achievement of our goal.

“What we have done so far, there is ICDA central, there is ICDA FCT and environ. So there are two ICDAs, do you understand and that is not good for progress. So for that reason, we came together and said that ICDA should be one.

“I was there during their first meeting and we resolved that the two ICDAs should be dissolved and the chairmen of both parties have agreed that they should be dissolved, and they have been dissolved to constitute another single ICDA for FCT and environ and that is what we are doing here today.

“With what I have seen so far, it is a welcome development, at the end of the day, we will say alhamdulilahi, we glory to the Almighty God that we have a formidable ICDA in the FCT and environ.”, he concluded.

Chairman, ICDA, AMAC, Comrade Ebiojo Muhammed said, “I am very happy for the success of today meeting. This is time to ensure that ICDA Abuja is successful and if you look at the meeting, ICDA in all the six area councils Abuja have their representatives here today for the purpose of forming ICDA FCT.

“So, we thank the Almighty God and as we are doing, we are going to be successful in forming a formidable ICDA Abuja that would be the pride of everybody. “So, I am very happy with the work of north-central coordinator, Prince Musa Oruma because it is in line with our yearnings. He is very competent to handle the restructuring.”, Comrade Ebiojo concluded.

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