ICDA Gwagwalada, North-Central Progressing, Stakeholders Assure Oruma

ICDA North Central Coordinator Prince Musa Oruma during familirialisation and harmonisation visit To Gwagwalada ICDA

The Igala Cultural Development Association, (ICDA) Gwagwalada and Kuje Axes has reiterate commitments to one Igala umbrella body, saying that ICDA is progressing in their areas.

They made this assurance during a familiarization and hamonisation visit to Gwagwalada by the ICDA North-Central Coordinator, Prince Musa Oruma on Saturday 1st May, 2021.

The Onu (Chief of) Igala, Gwagwalada, Chief George Ali Kadiri while introducing the Coordinator, said that the Igala community in Gwagwalada are uniting in all front, saying that what they desire most is a community where all Igala sons and daughters are united under one Igala umbrella body.

Chief George said that, “The coordinator, ICDA North-central, Prince Musa Oruma is here to see you based on your request and to talk to you.”

“ICDA Gwagwalada is progressing and what we want is a single umbrella body that will unite the whole of Igala People in Gwagwalada.”, he continued.

The ICDA North-central coordinator, Prince Musa Oruma while addressing the delegation said that there is problem with the current ICDA Abuja formation, and that his  visit is part of the process of bringing the warring parties to unification.

Oruma said that, “the reason why we are doing this is because we want to have a united Igala people.”

“ICDA central, all other ICDA has been dissolved. Whatever they are doing now is not legitimate. They all know that it is dissolved already, including the ICDA central chairman.

“However, if you are striving to put Igala community on the right footing and some people are still doing meeting, since it is towards the good of the Igala people, you cannot go and tell them to do otherwise.

“There is problem with ICDA Abuja currently. There is ICDA central and there is another rival ICDA, those that did registration. I called the two parties to my office and told them that we want to harmonise them into a single body, which they all agreed to, that is ICDA Abuja. The two parties signed an agreement that they have agreed to become one.

“What we are doing now is, we are trying to form executive members for the new ICDA. We don’t want to say that individual executive anymore. We want the executive to be drawn from the six area councils including Madala and Karu.

“That is why from the last meeting we did, we are to come up with this because the National ICDA is very interested in the ICDA Abuja and they keep asking me about the progress of the harmonization process.

“If you said that you are doing it and there is no result, then they would say that you are not serious.

“National President does not want to dabble into what is happening in Abuja ICDA. He want us to do a perfect job and report submitted to him. That is why we are here.

“So, my greetings goes to the President, the Onu (Chief), the executives and all other delegate, thank you all.

“Gwagwalada area council is the headquarter of all the Igalas in Abuja. From history and what we have been witnessing, it is where they are carrying out Igala activities most and that is why Gwagwalada is the first place I come to see you, so that we can have your cooperation, so that we can get it right.

“ICDA Abuja is one and there is no executives yet for now. The new executive we want to form now would comprise of delegates from Gwagwalada area council, Abaji area council and all other area councils. And what we are doing now supercede what has happened in the past.

“Secondly, I know that this meeting is the representatives of various meetings in Gwagwalada here; from Idah, Dekina, Ankpa, etc., that is how they do ICDA everywhere.

“I was in Niger state to address the Igala community there, the same thing you are doing here is what they are doing there too, I was in Benue state, the same thing you are doing here is what they are doing there too, so your own is not different.

“Now in Abuja, a time will come when it will also be like Idah, Ankpa, Dekina but for a start, we want to draw representatives from the Area Councils so we can start deliberating what Igala people can benefit, the unity of the Igala People in Abuja and way forward for the Igala People.

“So, I am also here to tell you that individual meeting is not way forward. A group of people for instance here in Gwagwalada that does not align with ICDA Gwagwalada will not be recognized by the ICDA Central, Abuja. The one we know here is ICDA Gwagwalada.

“And so, we are here with a letter for you. You are going to nominate three people to represent you at the ICDA Central, Abuja that would be part of the driving force for the unity and progress of the Igala People in Abuja. Thank you.” Oruma concluded.

The President, ICDA Gwagwalada, Akowe Ogwu expressing delight on the visit said, “As far as this ICDA in Gwagwalada branch is concern, we are united and we are hoping to unite with you if you do well like my vice has said and you are welcome.

“And am always advising that don’t use any aggressive words against any person. If somebody stands up now and said he is no more interested in the ICDA here again, that he is going to ICDA Angwa-dodo, good and fine.

“If you can make up people to unite Igala, it is going to our own.

“We are thankful, your visit is in order.”, Akowe concluded.

Other delegates member that expressed satisfaction include, Chairman, ICDA, Ankpa, Gwagwalada, Idris Ahmed and the Patron, Igala United and Development Association, Giri, Elder Paul Ajibo among others.

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