Stakeholders Harp On Importance of Formidable ICDA in the FCT

Stakeholders harp on the importance of constituting a formidable ICDA executive in the Federal Capital Territory.

The stakeholders that comprises of all the ICDA chairmen from the six area councils of the FCT namely, Abaji, Amac, Bwari, Kwali, Gwawalada, Kuje; and environ, Madala in Niger Staet and Karu in Nasarawa unanimously affirm their commitment to the Oruma-led restructuring process of the ICDA in the FCT.

They said that there is need for an enduring ICDA that would put the igala communities in the FCT and environ in the right pedestal.

Treasurer, ICDA AMAC, Alhassan Shehu said that, “we would make sure that we harmonise ICDA chairmen and their Chiefs. Any village that have Igala chief without ICDA, we should try to do something.

“The reason why I am saying this is because there was a time they said that all chiefs should contribute #15,000 thousand naira. Some chiefs stood up and said that there is no way they can contribute such money because they don’t have followers.

“A chief would said that he does not have anything to do with ICDA, then whose chief is he?”, he queried.

Chief of Madala, Chief Isah Ibrahim Daikwo further said that a situation whereby there is a chief in a community without an ICDA or followers is shameful.

Chief Daikwo said that, “It is shameful that an Igala chief does not have ICDA or followers in his domain.

“Secondly, some of the ICDA chairman’s rub shoulder with their chief. So it is a serious problem.

“For instance, Abuja Project suddenly came sometimes ago and said that they want to disband the chiefs.

“So, if ICDA and the chief become rival, it is a serious problem.

So, as we are about forming ICDA FCT, each and every one should respect his position. Chief and ICDA should be one.

“Not that, because you have just become ICDA chairman and suddenly you said that you don’t recognize the chief again, or because you emerge as chief from ICDA, tomorrow you said that there is nothing like ICDA again.

Oruma said that, “some chiefs, when they said contribute certain amount of money, would say that they don’t have ICDA or followers. When they levied them and they start complaining that who would pay for them, if they give them bag of rice to go and share would they not complain if they are exempted?

“For that reason, you should take proactive measure against such chiefs. The incoming ICDA executive has power to visit any chief and ensure that any chief has ICDA and followers.”, he concluded.

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