ICDA North-Central: Give Us Leadership! Barrister Apenja Charges Igala Elders

A front burner legal practitioner, Barrister Solomon Apenja has charges the Igala elders to provide formidable leadership to the teaming Igala youths.

Barrister Solomon made this call during the Igala Cultural Development Association, ICDA North-central Zone Coordinator’s Stakeholders Meeting Saturday in Abuja.

While talking directly at the Igala elders, he noted that formidable leadership is a vacuum that must be filled as a matter of urgency.

The Barrister said, “The youths are the leaders of tomorrow and this is where you groom the future.

“ICDA is a beautiful name and I understand the purpose but my personal opinion which is persuasive just an opinion, the name ICDA is not fitting for a movement that represent the entire Igala nation.

“That is why you can have Igala Union, Igala Project, Ukomu Igala. But the way the Igbos have Ohaneze Ndigbo in their language, The Iyaji (Yoruba) have Afenifere in their language, Arewa encompasses all of us, Ijaw has Ijaw national council and then they have Ijaw Youth Council which is their own youth wing.

“In my opinion, since this is the north-central zonal meeting of the ICDA, ICDA should be our umbrella organization. So, ICDA should be able to position itself in a place that if ICDA talk, the Igala Nation have spoken. Today we don’t have such.

“And the reality we must take note is that, the way things are going in Nigeria, every ethnic nationality must have a socio-cultual group speaking for it.

“So, I am very sorry, I am a youth but just advising you our elders should come together across political line, across religious line and then give us leadership”, he continued.

The North-central Zone comprising of Niger, Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa, Benue and the FCT, with Prince Oruma Musa as the Coordinator converged in Abuja to discuss a way forward and chart new course for the Igala Nation.

The meeting saw ICDA chairmen or their representatives from each of the North-central states, chiefs and title holders in attendance.

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