Ogah Attah Abdulsallam Musa Harps On Charting New Course, Drums Support For Gov Yahaya Bello Presidential Ambition

His Royal Highness, Ogah Atah and Igala Chief Karu/Jikwoyi, Abuja, Chief Abdulsallam T. Musa has charges the Igala Cultural and Development Association ICDA to throw its weight behind Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello’s presidential ambition.

He made the charges during the Igala Cultural Development Association, ICDA North-central Zone Coordinator’s Stakeholders Meeting Saturday in Abuja.

Ogah Atah Abdulsallam while responding to questions by youths that border around leadership said envy, resentful is what is bringing the Igalas down.

Ogah Atah Abdulsallam said that there is a structure in place already for the Igalas to form a formidable force but because of envy among the Igalas, Igalas is now taking the backseat.

Ogah Atah Abdulsallam said, “The ICDA that is instituted this time around, we are the one that would tell the ICDA National the truth. We are the one that knows exactly where our problems lies. it is what you tell him that he knows.

“So, please your charges is in order. We will still have this meeting again, I am sure the coordinator, Prince Oruma will still do it, in another state that would not be FCT again.

“So, we should be ready. We will fight this course, but it is not Bello that we will fight. In fact, as ICDA we are going to campaign for Bello’s Presidential ambition. May the Almighty God give him the presidency.

“We know that it is good for us if he becomes President. He cannot become the President and the Igalas will be at the back seat. But we need to align with his ambition. We in Kogi state, we want the Presidency.

“We in Kogi want the Presidency. Is that not the agitation of the Ohaneze Ndigbo too? Is that not the agitation of the Afenifere too? They want president! And somebody from Kogi will now say he/she does not want President. And you do not care that somebody from Kogi is aspiring to, because you don’t like the face of the person.

“Since we know that it is Bello that is aspiring to be President now, how many other people do we see from Kogi state that is aspiring to be President? For this reason, there is nothing wrong if we pull our weight behind Gov Yahaya Bello’s presidential ambition.

“However, let him give us our own that is in his hand. This is the only way to go. Our message this time around should go a long way, but we cannot succeed if we do not drop resentfulness and envy.

“So your message is clear and I am going to tell the other chiefs that my son said this”, HRH Abdulsallam continued.

HRH Abdulsallam further commends Prince Oruma’s effort as the Coordinator of the ICDA North-Central Zone for his immense contribution and unification of all the states that make up the zone. The stakeholders meeting was well attended by ICDA chairmen or their representatives from each of the North-central states, chiefs and title holders.

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